The staff at the Grey Street Surgery wish to advise the following changes to protocol within the surgery, as a result of the Coronavirus.
♦ Appointments: From 1st January 2023, face-to-face appointments will be available for patients with respiratory symptoms (sore throat, fever, runny nose, cough, sore ears) PROVIDING YOU TEST NEGATIVE FOR COVID VIA RAT OR PCR ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

You must inform staff (or put on online booking as reason for appointment) that you have a ‘cold’ or ‘flu’. You MUST wear a mask and bring with you a negative RAT performed that day to show the receptionist. RATS are ~80% accurate, so we know some patients may actually have Covid and be unaware, hence the need for a CORRECTLY WORN MASK. 

If you do not bring a RAT with you, you will be sent home. We neither supply nor perform RATS in the surgery. Phone consultations are still available as a good option.

♦ Covid positive patients: are NOT ALLOWED IN THE SURGERY, as we have vulnerable patients in the wait room, and if your Doctor should contract Covid, then all his or her patients will be cancelled for at least 7 days!

♦ Mental Health: This difficult time may for some exacerbate or trigger mental health issues. We are here to help you through either face-to-face or telehealth consultations

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Your local health services are still open, but accessing health care may look a little different right now. Make sure little things don't turn into big things! Your health matters. #SeeYourGP

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